We’ve been working on further increasing the page speeds for our website customers for some time and are pleased to release our new top-of-the-range hosting plan: WebMate Pro with Qfast Turbo Boost. Its main feature is a set of new ultra-high-spec load balancers and caching engines. These beasts, costing over 20k a piece and featuring no less than 40 cores and 192GB of DDR4 Ram each, are what powers the unique caching engine we’ve built – which has one goal: To make your websites the fastest they can be for every visitor and every device.

They work by pre-fetching and pre-building optimised versions of every page, ready to serve to visitors. That way, the web server – and more importantly, the WordPress (or other CMS) software doesn’t have to build the page on the fly for each visitor. The result is that it’s over twice as fast before any optimisations! Our Qfast engine compresses and zips everything, knows when to re-build pages when changes are applied and knows what size images to deliver – for example for mobile visitors. It’ quite possibly the fastest comparable hosting solution on the planet – and all for the same price. It makes even the heaviest WordPress site lightening fast! Check out our new hosting plan lineup.