Ultra Fast, High Availability UK Web Hosting.

Web Hosting that’s designed to be super fast and ultra-reliable with 100% uptime, packed with the latest features to maximise your website’s speed and availability including: fast clustered SQL, SSD/NVMe storage, built-in security and ultra-fast load balancers. Not to mention award-winning support from a company with over 25 years experience in the UK web hosting service.

We’ve engineered our hosting plans to be the fastest on the planet – with the latest servers, storage and RAM-based Qfast Turbo Cache option for sub 200ms time-to-first-byte, delivering a better search engine ranking and experience for your visitors.


Ultra High Availability,
Super-fast Web Hosting.

The very best hosting solutions: NVme storage, SQL clusters, RAM-based caching, self-healing servers, load balancing and security built-in, complete with award-winning support.

30 day money-back GUARANTEE | Free website migration | 100% CARBON NEUTRAL hosting

fast dns domain hosting

RAM Cache

Our Qfast Turbo Cache is one of the best ways to speed up your site by over 200%. It works by pre-building optimised versions of each page and delivering it from RAM.

Search Engine Ready

Google Optimised

Sub 200ms TTFB speeds with our unique Qfast Turbo Cache means Google and other search engines will rank your pages higher – and your visitors will be happier.

90 day website backups

Backup & Restore

As well as automated 90-day backups, you can backup & restore your sites in our easy-to-use control panel – all triple replicated off-server and off-site.

webmate support


Award winning help and support by phone, email,  or chat online – from our super-friendly support experts. Our hosting has also been awarded “Best Hosting” from ISPA.

SQL clustered

Clustered SQL

Multiple SQL servers working together, optimised for speed to help your website hosting be as fast and reliable as it can be. Explore the  details of our advanced high availability hosting platform

load balanced cloud hosting

Ultra High Availability

Quadruple load balancing and firewalls to ensure 100% high availability of your website – see how our HA Hosting works

ssd fast resller cpanel hosting in UK

Fast SSD & NVme

The fastest SSD and NVme disks throughout mean up to 10x faster reads which means ultimate performance for your website visitors.

wordpress instant activation

80+ Scripts

Easily deploy scripts like WordPress, Drupal, blog engines or other CMS’s with just one click.

Fast Web Hosting for all website types

There’s lots of one-click ways to build your website including WordPress, Web Builder, Joomla, Drupal or hand-coded.

website migration to new web host

Free website migration

Take the hassle out of moving your existing WordPress site from your old hosting provider to WebMate with ZERO downtime and ZERO hassle. We do it all for you at no extra cost!

If you have emails you’d like to move too, we can migrate those just as easily without losing any emails or folders.

easy to manage website hosting control panel

Easy-to-manage web hosting

Our control panel for managing your websites, domains and email is a little different to other web hosts: it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to navigate! Besides, Web Hosting doesn’t have to be complicated, so we’ve built our Control panel around you – to ensure it’s quick and easy. Or if you prefer, we can action any changes you need by phone or email – whichever’s easiest for you.

Supercharge your site by over 200% with our


 Qfast Turbo Cache is our unique, custom, super-powered way of ensuring your hosting is over 200% faster. It works by intelligently creating optimised versions of your website pages and storing them in RAM – much faster than even NVme. With multiple super-high-powered Load Balancers stacked with 256GB of the fastest RAM, this means visitors don’t have to wait for WordPress to build the page for them. That means your site is as fast as it can be and doesn’t need clunky plugins.

Sites we host, including our own, experience a massive 200-600% speed increase with Qfast Turbo Cache and produce First Byte speeds of less than 200ms consistently, and load times between 2 and 3 times quicker than without QFast. That’s an EPIC speed boost  and quite possibly the fastest hosting on the planet!

ULTRA-RELIABLE, fast website hosting you can count on – from just £49 per year

We have three great value, feature-packed web hosting options to suit every type of WordPress site and budget. What’s more, web sites feature Instant activation and a 30 day money-back guarantee – together with expert help and support backed with over 25 years of hosting experience. Click to see full hosting specifications compared.

For advice on which hosting plan’s best for your new or existing website,  contact us by email, phone or webchat (in the bottom corner).

WebMate LITE

£4.08 /month

£49 when billed annually or £4.90 month to month

Solid low costs hosting perfect for lower traffic or WebBuilder sites expecting less than 10,000 visits per month

WebMate PRO

£5.75 /month

£69 when billed annually or £6.90 month to month

High-performance and highly resilient hosting suitable for any type of web hosting, including WordPress.

WebMate PRO+

£8.25 /month

£99 when billed annually or £9.90 month to month

..with hardware RAM caching for the fastest website performance and security available – recommended for WordPress and content-rich sites

Standard Features


28 days snapshots, weekly


MySQL Databases
None (no WordPress)

PHP Versions
5.6 to 8.1

Load Balancing and HA
Yes – Dual Redundancy

Malware + Virus Protection 
Daily Deep Scan

Added Security
Basic DDoS and Firewall Protection

Everything on the Lite plan plus:

90 days plus one-click manual backup/restore
(off-server and off-site)

MySQL Databases

Load Balancing and HA
high availability cloud clustering

Opcode and PHP supported

Malware + Virus Protection 
Active Defense & Daily Deep Scan

Added Security
1Tbps DDoS and Firewall Protection

WordPress Instant Install
Pre-configured for you or install later

80+ Free Script installs

Everything on the Pro plan plus:

Load Balancing and HA
high availability cloud clustering with full site caching on the load balancers.

Advance Qfast Turbo Cache with RAM-based caching

Added Security
2Tbps DDoS and Inline Advanced Firewall with added WordPress protection and SSL hardening for ultimate website security.

Recommended for WordPress Sites or where increased Google search engine rank is important.



ULTRA-RELIABLE Web Hosting you can count on…

We have three great value, feature-packed hosting options to suit every type of website and budget. Instant activation and a 30 day money-back guarantee – together with expert help and support backed with over 20 years of hosting experience. Click to see full hosting specifications compared.

For advice on which hosting plan’s best for your new or existing website,  contact us by email, phone or webchat (in the bottom corner).

WebMate LITE

£4.08 /month
£49 when billed annually or £4.90 month to month

Perfect for lower traffic static or WebBuilder sites expecting less than 10,000 visits per month

  • 10GB Webspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 28 days backup
  • 2x Load Balancers

WebMate PRO

£5.75 /month
£69 when billed annually or £6.90 month to month

High-performance and highly resilient hosting suitable for any type of web hosting, including WordPress

  • 10GB Webspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 90 days backup
  • 4x Load Balancers
  • 1x 1GB Clustered SQL

WebMate PRO

£8.25 /month
£99 when billed annually or £9.90 month to month

..with hardware caching for the fastest website performance and security available – recommended most for WordPress and content-rich sites.

  • 10GB Webspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 90 days backup
  • 4x Load Balancers
  • Unlimited x 1GB Clustered SQL
  • NVme / SSD Hard Drives
  • Hardware Cache
  • Advanced Security

30 day money-back guarantee on all WebMate hosting plans. All prices exclude VAT in the EU at 20%. US and rest of world, prices inclusive of all applicable taxes. Our “fastest webhosting” claim is based on our own thorough tests using exact copies of our own website hosted and optimised as high as possible on a range of other popular hosting companies best shared hosting plans with comparable features – our hosting consistently scored highest in each of the key tests (results available). Annual Plan pricing payable in advance and shown as monthly equivalent. Full T&Cs

FAQs – Website Hosting questions answered

Where are the servers located?

We manage our own network from our Telehouse London datacentre racks – the most secure and interconnected datacenter in the UK and one of the premium interchanges in Europe (home of LINX). We peer with all the major ISP’s in the UK and worldwide via our dedicated 10GB connections from providers like Cogent via 4 diverse feeds and dual power.

What servers do you use?

We use the very latest and fastest servers, routers and storage engines, each with high-availability built-in by design. Typically they are dual-processor, 24-40core XEON 2.6Ghz with 128GB of RAM and SSD system disks and quad 1Gbps network and dual 10Gbps fibre. The hosting system comprises over 16 servers per cluster – find more information on our Quadra platform here. 

Can I try your hosting before I buy?

Sure, our 30 day money back guarantee is no-quibble but you’ll need to pay by card or Paypal. Most importantly, the reason is to avoid abuse by scammers who take advantage of free hosting periods and jeopardise the performance and reputation of our system, But, if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll refund within 24 hours without question.

Can i host multiple websites?

Each package is for one website. It’s very high performance hosting – not the cPanel shared hosting systems you see elsewhere. If you need to host multiple websites on a budget, see our cPanel Hosting or contact us for partner discounts (5 sites or more)

Do I get root, SSH or cron access?

No. Because of the high availability of this level of hosting, we have to protect the stability and security of the shared servers. If you need this kind of access, you’ll need a VPS, which we can help with.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by all major credit cards (including American Express) or Paypal. If you need to pay on account by bank transfer on account or cheque, let us know and we’ll set you up quickly.

How do you guarantee 100% uptime, everyone else just offer 99.9% max?

Our Quadra platform is designed to be extremely reliable and capable of 75% system outages before failing – and we have a backup in place that automatically switches if that fails. It means we can perform almost all maintenance and upgrades without downtime too. Other ISP’s 99.9% uptime guarantee usually exclude “scheduled maintenance”. After all, a well-maintained server should be updated and rebooted at least twice a month. We update and maintain servers several times a week sometimes, without any downtime!

What platform does your control panel use, Plesk or cPanel?

Neither. Both of those add too much lag to websites and hinder high-availability (in fact it’s not really possible with cPanel or Plesk properly). You get our own in-house designed control panel when you need to, but in reality, our hosting is fully managed, so if you need anything special with the configs, changes, restores or backups – just drop us a line and we’ll sort it for you!

Do you have a list of customer sites you host?

We do, we guard it with our lives! Security or data protection is very important to us so we’ll never share our customers information. This website is hosted on our WebMate Pro servers (and is quite a heavy WordPress Theme). We host sites for everyone from large multi-nationals, governments, police forces, well-known ecommerce giants as well as corner shops,  cupcake makers, builders and independent consultants all over the World.

Do I need a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

If your visitors are mainly in the UK or USA, a CDN may actually make your site slower as our servers are so fast. However, if your site is worldwide, then a CDN will help by keeping the images and cached content of your site local to the visitor better. Our links to the rest of the world are fast, but servers in the same country as the visitor will usually be much faster. We provide cost-effective CDN addons for all sites from Sitelock where necessary.

Do I need an SSL?

Nowadays, Yes. browsers and search engines can punish your site if it’s not secure – even if there’s no personal data being used. Customers are more comfortable browsing a site with a green padlock too. We can provide reputable SSL’s from just £20 / $30 /year. We don’t recommend or support LetsEncrypt certificates on our WebMate Hosting platform at present due to some issues they can present (but are supported free of charge on our cPanel hosting)

How do you claim to be the fastest website host?

It’s true, we put exact copies of our own website – a fairly plugin-heavy and high load website – onto various other popular shared hosting platforms and found that our WebMate Pro with Qfast Turbo Cache faster on all the key metrics. You can also check yourself, run a Google Pagespeed test on other ISP’s home page (we’d assume they’d use their own shared platform at least, although they often have a better dedicated system for their own site that they sell – we use our busiest server cluster for this site) We’re happy to prove it with free migration and a 30 day money-back guarantee too!

Google Reviews – 5 STAR

Based on 85+ verified reviews (4.9 average)

trustpilot excellent ISP reviews

Based on 145+ reviews, average score 4.8. View all Trustpilot reviews here.

I have been with WebMate since dial-up access days! Stayed with them mainly because of their excellent customer service – prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable. They even ring you back if their line is busy! What a relief not to have to deal with a far flung call centre or poorly informed staff reading from a script. Efficient service and staff very supportive, helpful and patient. Treated like a person as opposed to a number.

13 Aug 2020

Great support as always from WebMate! I’ve used Webmate for about 8 years now and they are always superb at delivering, friendly, honest coherent support in a really timely manner! I don’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Pete, Charlie, Lewis and all the team!

Guy Press
Designer - 5 Aug 2020

Excellent Service. Webmate have always been helpful and prompt in dealing with queries and problems but they surpassed themselves with a recent issue I had. At all times they replied very quickly, sometimes in only a few minutes, and were very patient in finding a solution that was not obvious and hence took several attempts to sort out. I can’t see you getting this level of service from some of the larger ISPs.

Roger Adams
GB - 19 July 2020

Webmate have been my preferred ISP for sometime. Consistently excellent service and superb uptimes.
They recently prepared a website for me. A superb job for the price.I cannot recommend them too highly.

Kieth Straughan
US - 17 July 2020

I have been with WebMate since 1998 and I cannot fault their excellent service and competitive rates for web-building and email hosting. No voice recognition frustration options when you call, but a familiar friendly voice to help you with any computer issues to hand.

Annabel Yates
Cornwall- 4 July 2020

Excellent service. The best Mac web provider out there. Any issues have been sorted extremely quickly and politely. Thank you. No holding on to phone lines for ever and ever. Quick response if even I’ve phoned. Tickets generated for problems sorted over night at the slowest.

Geoff Bridge
UK - 13 June 2020

WebMate Shines. Best outfit out there… Always available, friendly, and knowledgeable; go out of their way to resolve any issues, both email and/or web support issues. Can’t say enough about these people.

Peter Streimac
USA - 30 April 2020

A wonderful company – efficient, helpful and simply the best (my experience of 15 years impeccable service)

Stephen Frankel
UK - 6 April 2020

I had no Broadband, so I phoned WebMate and I got the usual guy’s (based in Cornwall) to sort my problem within one day, I’ve been dealing with the same people for 20 years, that says everything! They got back to me to say that leave it with us, we’re working on it, and sure enough, it was fixed shortly afterwards. I truly believe that WebMate is the best and most honest company that I have ever dealt with, they are exceptional. Thank you all very much again.

Robert Irvine
Scotland - 14 Feb 2020

A company that will actually talk to it’s customers. In a world where most companies seem to be set up to make it as hard as possible for you to talk to a real person, WebMate is a breath of fresh air. There are real, always helpful people just a phone call away. I have never for a moment regretted changing from the ever unhelpful BT. I don’t write reviews normally but this company deserves a bit of my time for going out of its way to be helpful to its customers rather than keeping them at arms length. I would highly recommend them.


Chis Morley
UK - 13 Sep 2019

The best & fastest high availability web hosting in the UK and beyond!

88.2% of Support Tickets answered within 1 hour
WebMate is different to other ISP's

  • Multi-Award Winning service and support for over 25 years
  • No salespeople - so no hard sell or overselling - just good, honest advice
  • We own & manage our own state-of-the-art network and servers
  • Money-Back guarantee wherever possible to ensure you get the right service

  • Speak to friendly experts by phone or email without the jargon, anytime
  • No long contract tie-ins wherever possible, keeping things simple and fair.
28.9 seconds average call wait time
Typically 50-200ms Time to First Byte (TTFB) for Web Hosting
86% of customers choose to stay for over 10 years
9.9 / 10 average customer support ticket rating
99.99% Hosting and Email uptime