4G Home Broadband

Home Broadband using mobile 4G up to 30Mbps download – without the need for a landline and from just £29.50 /month. Perfect for short term or temporary broadband – or if cable speeds are low.

Wherever you need broadband – whether it’s for home, office, a building site or a caravan in the middle of nowhere, our 30 day rolling contract 4G Home Broadband plans are great value and provide exceptional speeds. 4G Home Broadband uses mobile sims in a router or WiFi dongle and are particularly useful for short-term broadband or where regular broadband is slow – providing typical 4G speeds of 22Mbps down and 10Mbps up. We have sim-only plans for tablets and dongles for those on the move.

4G Home Broadband

Home Broadband using mobile 4G for speeds up to 30Mbps download – without the need for a landline, from just £27.50 /month.

Wherever you need broadband – whether it’s for home, office, a building site or a caravan in the middle of nowhere, our 30 day rolling contract 4G Home Broadband plans are great value and provide exceptional speeds. 4G Home Broadband uses mobile sims in a router or router or dongle and are particularly useful for short-term broadband or where regular broadband is slow – providing typical 4G speeds of 22Mbps down and 10Mbps up. We have sim-only plans for tablets and dongles for those on the move.

Powerful o2 Network

Our 4G Home Broadband operates on the o2 network – the UK’s largest mobile network with the widest coverage

30-day Contract

30 day rolling contracts as standard – so perfect for short-term broadband or where copper speeds are low like in the countryside!

We also offer a 14 day money-back guarantee so you can check signal and speed.

Go Landline-Free

Cut the cords and save by choosing mobile broadband for your home, with typical 4G speeds of 20Mbps and 5G speeds of 100Mbps download

Unlimited 4G Data

Unlimited data as standard – so there are no caps or restrictions on use. Signal-strength is the only limit

5G Ready

All of our 4G Home Broadband plans are ready for ultra-fast 5G networks up to 200Mbps (router not supplied, SIM-only option available for 5G)

Great Help & Support

WebMate is built around our technical help and support – so you’ll have easy access to help and advice whenever you need it… and without the long queues or call centres!


  • 4G Home Broadband Pro

  • £32.50

    per month (inc VAT)
  • Pro WiFi Router (whole house)
  • 300Mbps dual-band WiFi Router
  • 3G and 4G
  • 30 day rolling contract
  • £34.99 setup fee
  • 4G Home Broadband Lite

  • £32.50

    per month (inc VAT)
  • Compact Router or USB Dongle
  • 300Mbps WiFi Router
  • 3G and 4G
  • 30 day rolling contract
  • £24.99 Setup fee
  • 4G SIM-only Broadband

  • £29.50

    per month (inc VAT)
  • SIM Only
  • Use your own router/dongle
  • 3G, 4G and 5G
  • 30 day rolling contract
  • Free Setup

4G Home or Mobile Broadband is suitable for…

Caravan Broadband

Where no fixed telephone line is available or for short-term caravan use – for a building site caravan for example.

Recommended WiFi Router:
Dongle or Compact

Whole House WiFi

If ADSL/Fibre speeds are too low, for example in a rural setting, Mobile broadband may be a faster option.

Recommended WiFi Router:
Whole House Dual Band Router

On-the-road WiFi

If you’re on the road and/or visiting clients premises, your own mobile 4G mobile broadband might be useful.

Recommended WiFi Router:
Dongle or Compact

Building Site

Perfect for Building site or temporary cabin broadband – contact us for details or our external waterproof WiFi Modems and repeaters to cover the whole site. For small sites with a cabin, the Whole House router is recommended and will provide about 25m of external coverage.

4G Home and Mobile Broadband WiFi Routers


If you already have a WiFi router or dongle, or you need a backup internet connection (and your WiFi router has a SIM slot). Or, if you prefer to buy your router from us outright (or a special router), you can choose this option.


mobile broadband 4G dongle

A compact USB dongle that slots into your computer, laptop or your WiFi router (for backup internet access). Useful for “on-the-road” broadband use or where wide coverage is not required.


4G compact wifi

A small compact WiFi router which covers one or two rooms – or a caravan for example. This has a battery similar to a mobile phone, so can be used on-the-road if required. It allows multiple devices to connect and can remain plugged in.



4G Mobile broadband wifi router

These are whole-house WiFi routers similar to normal cable-based routers. Dual-band for better coverage, best for houses and larger outdoor area coverage, eg a building site.


If you need a specialist 4G Mobile Broadband router – for example to cover a wider area, or that’s water-proof for use outdoors – please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll find the best solution for you.

4G Home and 4G Mobile Broadband SIM plans FAQs

What speeds will I get?

Whilst theoretical speeds of 4G and 5G are much higher, in real-world usage you’ll typically get 20Mbps download and 7Mbps upload on 4G – these will be up to 5 times higher on a 5G connection – so 100Mbps/35Mbps. We do not currently supply 5G WiFi routers as standard but can on request (you can use your own 5G device on our SIM-ONLY plan)

How do I know if the signal strength is high enough?

If you get 3 or more bars on your phone signal in the place you want to use your Mobile Broadband, you should be fine. We use o2 as our network provider, so ideally test with an o2 handset (and you can do a speed test on your mobile to get an idea of speeds). If the signal is not suitable, you can get a full refund within 7 days of activating under our speed guarantee.

What network do you use?

We use o2’s vast array of masts to provide the best UK mobile phone coverage. We do appreciate that sometimes o2 might not be the best for a small number of locations, and being an independent operator, we are able to supply services using Vodafone and EE networks also upon request.

Are there any data caps?

Not really no, you can use as much data as you need. We do have a soft Fair Usage Policy whereby continued use of over 650GB of data may break this and we reserve the right to terminate your service. 650GB is a huge amount though, 10 times the typical household usage – you’d need to watch about 250 HD films per month!

How do I know which WiFi router to choose?

See the “Router Options” section above, but if in doubt, contact us by phone, email or our contact forms, and we’d be happy to advise the best option.

What happens when I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time, we ask for 7 days notice before your next billing month starts. Simply return the router and we’ll issue any credits due. Failure to return a router in a timely manner, will result in it being charged at full price.

Does the weather affect speeds?

Just like a mobile phone signal, severe weather can disrupt the radio signals used to send and receive data. So heavy rain and thunder will reduce, and sometimes cause complete outages – but normal weather doesn’t affect the signal much at all – it’s designed to be pretty resilient (sometimes cloudy weather can help in fact!)

Can I use this outside of the UK?

No, our Mobile broadband is only suitable for use within the UK.

When will I get 5G?

5G is limited at the moment, mainly large cities. You can use the o2 coverage checker to find your signal level as well as whether 5G is available.

Is 4G mobile broadband suitable for gaming?

Whilst speeds of 4G (and particularly 5G) are often comparable to at least a good ADSL connection – with 5G sometimes being better than Fibre – the latency does not make Mobile Broadband ideal for gaming. Typically, 4G has latency of 40-60ms compared to 20-30 for ADSL/Fibre broadband. For the best gaming experience, FTTP Full-Fibre is best. 5G is much better with latency of between 20 and 30ms in real world tests (in some cases it can be as low as 5ms but very unlikely in real-world).

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

4G is “4th Generation LTE” – essentially the 4th major iteration of mobile data protocols. It’s pretty decent in terms of speeds, capable of up to 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up. Real-world speeds are typically much lower, 20-30Mbps down and 5-10Mbps up normally. 5G is the “fifth generation LTE” as is much faster, capable of 1Gbps up and down – and crucially with much lower latency (response time lag) which can compete with Full Fibre latency rates. 2G, 3G, 3.5G and 4.5G also refer to generational mobile data protocols.

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I have been with WebMate since dial-up access days! Stayed with them mainly because of their excellent customer service – prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable. They even ring you back if their line is busy! What a relief not to have to deal with a far flung call centre or poorly informed staff reading from a script. Efficient service and staff very supportive, helpful and patient. Treated like a person as opposed to a number.

13 Aug 2020

Great support as always from WebMate! I’ve used Webmate for about 8 years now and they are always superb at delivering, friendly, honest coherent support in a really timely manner! I don’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Pete, Charlie, Lewis and all the team!

Guy Press
Designer - 5 Aug 2020

Excellent Service. Webmate have always been helpful and prompt in dealing with queries and problems but they surpassed themselves with a recent issue I had. At all times they replied very quickly, sometimes in only a few minutes, and were very patient in finding a solution that was not obvious and hence took several attempts to sort out. I can’t see you getting this level of service from some of the larger ISPs.

Roger Adams
GB - 19 July 2020

Webmate have been my preferred ISP for sometime. Consistently excellent service and superb uptimes.
They recently prepared a website for me. A superb job for the price.I cannot recommend them too highly.

Kieth Straughan
US - 17 July 2020

I have been with WebMate since 1998 and I cannot fault their excellent service and competitive rates for web-building and email hosting. No voice recognition frustration options when you call, but a familiar friendly voice to help you with any computer issues to hand.

Annabel Yates
Cornwall- 4 July 2020

Excellent service. The best Mac web provider out there. Any issues have been sorted extremely quickly and politely. Thank you. No holding on to phone lines for ever and ever. Quick response if even I’ve phoned. Tickets generated for problems sorted over night at the slowest.

Geoff Bridge
UK - 13 June 2020

WebMate Shines. Best outfit out there… Always available, friendly, and knowledgeable; go out of their way to resolve any issues, both email and/or web support issues. Can’t say enough about these people.

Peter Streimac
USA - 30 April 2020

A wonderful company – efficient, helpful and simply the best (my experience of 15 years impeccable service)

Stephen Frankel
UK - 6 April 2020

I had no Broadband, so I phoned WebMate and I got the usual guy’s (based in Cornwall) to sort my problem within one day, I’ve been dealing with the same people for 20 years, that says everything! They got back to me to say that leave it with us, we’re working on it, and sure enough, it was fixed shortly afterwards. I truly believe that WebMate is the best and most honest company that I have ever dealt with, they are exceptional. Thank you all very much again.

Robert Irvine
Scotland - 14 Feb 2020

A company that will actually talk to it’s customers. In a world where most companies seem to be set up to make it as hard as possible for you to talk to a real person, WebMate is a breath of fresh air. There are real, always helpful people just a phone call away. I have never for a moment regretted changing from the ever unhelpful BT. I don’t write reviews normally but this company deserves a bit of my time for going out of its way to be helpful to its customers rather than keeping them at arms length. I would highly recommend them.


Chis Morley
UK - 13 Sep 2019

4G Home Broadband with no long contract

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  • Multi-Award Winning service and support for over 25 years
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  • Money-Back guarantee wherever possible to ensure you get the right service

  • Speak to friendly experts by phone or email without the jargon, anytime
  • No long contract tie-ins wherever possible, keeping things simple and fair.
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