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Quadra: our custom-designed, fully managed Ultra High Availability (HA), self-healing web hosting platform – designed to be 100% reliable, secure and insanely fast

With over 25 years experience in managing our own network and web hosting for thousands of websites, we’ve invested passionately into developing and perfecting a unique platform to deliver the fastest website speeds – especially from power-hungry CMS’s like WordPress – and the highest reliability. High availability (HA) web hosting at its very best… and possibly the fastest web hosting on the planet!

Our goal was to create the kind of highly redundant hosting platform which large enterprises use for their sites, but without the hefty price tag usually accompanying such a service. But much more than that we wanted it to have multilayer security built-in and with automated backup and restore.

When combined with our QFAST TURBO CACHE – which stores optimised versions of static pages and images in RAM right on the edge of our network – you can achieve at least 200% speed increase. The sub-100ms TTFB (Time to First Byte) that this creates for uses is also very much appreciated by search engines like Google – getting your site high up the rankings as it’ll be tagged as a fast and reliable site.

What makes our WebMate Pro packages on our unique Quadra HA platform better?

A better connected network…

One of the most crucial ingredients to ensure your site is fast and reliable is our network – managed and hosted in our own racks in the heart of the UK and world internet exchanges in Telehouse London. We run high specification CISCO Dual Edge routers with multiple 10Gbps connections to the internet via all the major tier 1 transit providers, as well as direct links to cloud providers and ISPs. It’s completely self-healing using BGP and iBGP so that your site stays up even if there’s a problem somewhere on the internet. Internally, our entire network is 10Gbps with a 1Gbps backup and admin network layer (40Gbps to storage engines).

Our main transit is provided over multiple 1Gbps and 10Gbs fibre links to the major tier 1 transit providers via 5 diverse interconnected datacentres in London

  • Cogent
  • Level 3 (CenturyLink)
  • Tata
  • HE

Direct peering with the major UK internet exchanges

  • LINX 1
  • LINX 2
  • LoNAP

Direct connection to all the major UK ISPs

  • BT
  • Colt
  • Verizon
  • Sky
  • Talk Talk
  • Virgin Media

Direct connections to the world’s largest cloud providers

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Netflix

The Servers….

In order to create a platform that balances speed and security with 100% uptime, each cluster needs a minimum of four of everything (N+3 redundancy), all working perfectly together in elegant symphony…

Our servers are refreshed typically every 2-3 years with latest and fastest models and feature multiple 10Gbps network ports. Our Storage Engines have multiple 10Gbps network ports, and 40Gbps core links to our local network. Because we can easily turn off up to 75% of our servers without impacting performance or uptime, we’re able to keep them updated and refreshed on a weekly basis too – as well as take them offline without disruption for major events like server replacement or hardware upgrades.

Load balancing for HA Reliability

cloud hosting uptime HA high availability hosting

One of the key features of the Quadra architecture is our bank of load balancers. Three of these work in unison for automatic failover protection with a 1 second switchover. On our Webmate Pro with Qfast Turbo Boost package, we run ultra-high-performance load balancers which also perform hardware caching of website pages in RAM to make your site the fastest it can be for every device that connects.

These load balancers distribute web requests to the best web server – usually distributing evenly to maintain load but also intelligently monitoring for high traffic to any particular site and isolating or maximising its visitors to maintain speeds for all websites in the cluster. Not only that, these also perform advanced security filtering and DDoS protection. Insane amounts of RAM used on these servers, typically 256GB per server.

Web Servers

speed up wordpress with HA hosting and cache

Our bank of Web Servers do the heavy lifting work of building pages for visitors from storage and SQL clusters. These are our most powerful servers and feature one “dumb” cluster node which handles primary admin, FTP and runs security sentries – and typically 3 web nodes per cluster to create 4 potentially live servers. Each Web Cluster also features a semi-air-gapped backup node that sits there just in case there’s a major failure. This backup is a bare metal machine with its own storage and SQL which does very little work for the vast majority of time but is on hand if there’s a problem or we need to perform maintenance on all three web servers in the cluster.

Web servers need lots of cores to dedicate to each visitor where possible, typically 48 cores per node. They also need lots of RAM, typically 96GB per node.

Clustered SQLs

fast sql database hosting UK

Often, much of the “load” in a web server environment is in fetching data from databases – particularly on modern sites which heavily depend on databases like WordPress.

A “family” of SQL servers work together in Multi Master-Master replication to share the load whilst remaining perfectly in sync – so uptime is greatly improved. Often, most downtime with other ISPs during “scheduled maintenance” which needs to happen sometimes daily – with a clustered SQL, that can be performed without any downtime at all – scheduled or not.

These servers are heavy in RAM in order to serve as much data from fast memory as possible. As they are heavy in compute functions too, fast CPUs are essential.

Backups. Then Backups of Backups.

cloud hosting platform

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over our 25 years of hosting websites is that you can never have enough backups. Server failure is a fact of life – and happens all the time. The key is having the backups and platform that can cope with those outages without breaking a sweat.

But to ensure that we cover all bases, and are prepared for extreme outages or security issues, we keep backups, a lot of them – and at no extra cost to you! Snap-shotting of virtual server images, duplicating those between NAS storage engines and offsite, having scheduled 90 day backups of all sites (and duplicating those to multiple locations) and 4-hourly backups of SQLs are just some of the ways we ensure we’re prepared for any eventuality. It also allows you to revert to any website state in the last 90 days effortlessly – so you won’t need those backup plugins or offsite backup services that clog up your WordPress even more.

QuadraShield: Multi-layered security built-in at every level

Security is vitally important to ensure a reliable system and assist in keeping the nasties out so that the performance can be consumed by real visitors – your customers!

QuadraShield is a 4-point process designed to ensure ultimate protection by blocking malicious activity. It all happens live and in the background with dedicated systems focused solely on security:

  1. QuadraShield WAF: A custom Web Application Firewall which contains thousands of attack vector signatures, updated hourly. It works by inspecting every single request to your site and blocking anything that’s an attack vector, malware or probing attack.
  2. Malware Scanning: This is done both actively for all uploads and deep scans run nightly. Looking for malware signatures and automatically disabling them before they can cause any damage. We use no less than three different commercial and community malware scanners in order to maximise the chances of protecting against new threats as soon as possible.
  3. Monitoring: A suite of custom security sentries monitor activity on the web servers, flagging anything suspicious for our support and systems team to check over manually. This includes permission changes, changes to .htaccess and index.php files – often preventative more than reactive as the Malware and WAF will handle the vast majority of issues.
  4. Recovery Assistance: Should something slip through the net, we offer full restore and recovery services free of charge – so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of disinfecting a hacked or broken site (or if you manually mess things up somewhere!)
fast HAwebsite hosting service in UK

The WebMate Hosting Experience: Perfected over 25 years

There are thousands of hosting providers, here’s the four types:

  1. Resellers: these have one hosting account with a mass-market hosting provider and resell within that. They have very little control of the servers themselves, and they tend to be cheap, often non-UK hosting on a single-server platform like cPanel which cannot provide any form of High Availability. This tends to be the kind of hosting your web designer will provide. Web Designers are talented and creative, but are often not the most capable when it comes to managing a global internet presence, sysops and security!
  2. Warehouse Hosting Providers: These are the big companies that tend to advertise a lot! Some of these have very capable networks and servers, but as they need to offer low-cost hosting for mass market, their equipment and software is often outdated (and very rarely high-availability). Support levels tend to much lower here too.
  3. Third Party Cloud Infrastructure: This is hosting on off-the-shelf cloud services like AWS or Google Cloud. The networks are very good (some of our backup services run on these too), but prone to massive outages and attacks. The hosting provider have very little control over performance or security and support can be “less than specialised”.
  4. Dedicated hosts: Like WebMate, there are other reputable ISPs who manage their own servers and networks – and have very good reputations and skills. Some use cPanel which cannot provide any High Availability but there’s a handful with a network and hosting service almost as good as ours…

Possibly the fastest self-healing, High-Availability hosting platform on the planet

  • 100% uptime with 2 second automatic failover to standalone backup servers

  • <200ms typical TTFB (time to first byte) access speeds with Qfast Turbo Boost (250-300ms without)

  • 20-60ms TTFB measured by Google Pagespeed (headline rate which affects your page rank). 80-120ms without Qfast.

  • Combined with our fast worldwide peering and network infrastructure – some of the fastest data speeds available

  • Potential for 95+ Google Pagespeed score – by providing a fast platform that’s feature rich (GZIP, Keepalive, front-end caching of files, HTML, JS and CSS)

  • Security – advanced, high-end security built into every level – including inline and daily deep malware/virus protection.

  • QFast CDN: For even more speed, especially for sites with international visitors we can provide our Qfast caching from 30+ worldwide destinations from just £7.50 per month extra (up to 100GB of data) using our global Stackpath CDN partner.

Enjoy a better hosting experience without even having to think about it with our WebMate Pro hosting plans and our uniquely powerful and reliable Quadra Platform: An award-winning enterprise-grade web hosting solution, meticulously designed and managed in-house by our experienced systems team with three simple goals: Fastest Speeds, ultimate reliability and the best value. 

85% of Support Tickets answered within 1 hour
WebMate is different to other ISP's

  • Multi-Award Winning service and support for over 25 years
  • No salespeople - so no hard sell or overselling - just good, honest advice
  • We own & manage our own state-of-the-art network and servers
  • Money-Back guarantee wherever possible to ensure you get the right service
  • Speak to friendly experts by phone or email without the jargon, anytime
  • No long contract tie-ins wherever possible, keeping things simple and fair.
23.5 seconds average call wait time
Typically 50-200ms Time to First Byte (TTFB) for Web Hosting
86% of customers choose to stay for over 10 years
9.9 / 10 average customer support ticket rating
99.99% Hosting and Email uptime
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