3cx Hosted VoIP

Experience the power of the world’s most advanced VoIP hosted phone system – and enjoy significantly lower telecoms costs…

The easy and low-cost way to get your company a complete cloud-hosted VoIP PBX system in-a-box that’s ready to make your telephone system modern and efficient, and starting at just $12.50 per month for single lines, or $65 for a fully hosted PBX solution – both with FREE Unlimited UK & UK Mobile calls included. Setup, managed and fully support by our 3CX Accredited, fully trained engineers.

FREE UK & UK Mobile Calls

Included with our 3CX Hosted PBX are free UK and UK Mobile calls as standard – allowing easy call budgeting based purely on the number of lines (SIP channels) you need.

Cloud hosted

Hosted on the super-resilient AWS platform, your new cloud-based PBX will be reliable, always available and fast – whether you’re working from the office, on your mobile, at home, or abroad.

Fully Managed

Our expert Linux and 3CX-trained engineers fully configure and manage your cloud server and PBX for you – so you can sit back, relax and watch the money being saved!

Unlimited users – no per-seat charges

Say goodbye to per-seat charges for each handset or staff member. 3CX is unique in that the licences, starting at £0 are based mainly on the number of concurrent calls and SIP trunks you have – making 3CX the cheapest PBX system (by a long long way) over inferior “per-seat” solutions.

Easy-to-use & configure

The multi-award winning 3CX admin console allows you to easily manage your call platform with virtually unlimited options yourself from setting up routing plans, time schedules, holiday modes to auto-provisioning phones and mobiles. And for everything else, we’re here to help or configure advanced settings as you need them.

Web Client

As well as using the web to make and take calls from their computer/mobile, each user also gets their own web portal to easily manage their extension – like easy switching of their “presence” (Available, Away, DND, Lunch etc). No training required either…

Based on 3cx – the world’s most advanced, multi-award-winning business VoIP phone software


Here you can configure your phone system without bounds. See a summary of the system status or drill down for custom reports, logs and notifications. Remotely configure and update your SIP handsets too.

User Web Interface

Each user has their own login where they can setup web meetings or video calls/conferences, set their presence and interact with queues and hunt groups – including recording, whisper and listen in.

Mobile App

Download the mobile App for each user and take the extension on the road without customers realising. It’s auto-configured from a web-link, so no fiddly configs to worry about.

Video Conferencing  /Web Meetings

Hold face to face meetings at the click of a button with 3CX’s web-meeting feature. It’s WebRTC based, so works in any browser without any software to install. Extremely easy-to-use, transforming the way you communicate and collaborate within your company and with customers. Features include screen sharing, presentation, text chat, annotating and in-line voting.

Digital Receptionist (IVR Menu)

A highly customisable auto-attendant system allowing multiple auto-attendants for different times or to run in series to direct the call to the right person. Upload your own voice prompts and set routing based on caller-input.

Unlimited UK and Mobile Calls

Whilst VoIP systems have always been great for bringing initial PBX setup costs down significantly, they’ve never delivered on addressing the monthly call charges, until now. Budgeting is easier and you’ll see reductions in your monthly phone call bills by up to 100%

Easy-To-Use And Configure

The web-based admin interface allows easy creation of extensions and routing plans as well as full statistics and reporting of calls. Each user also has their own web client where, as well as making calls and video conference, can manage their own extension settings, presence, call queue monitoring, shared contacts, schedule conference calls and much more….

Why choose a hosted VoIP solution from WebMate and 3CX?

  • Hosted VoIP has a much lower setup cost over traditional hardware-based PBX systems

  • Convenient for remote workers and multiple branch locations

  • Our hosted VoIP has Free UK and UK Mobile calls

  • Lower international call charges

  • Flexible changes to configurations quick and easy to implement inhouse

  • Quick to setup – within a few hours usually compared to weeks for a landline

  • Portability – easy to move offices without taking the old hardware PBX system