Telephone Line Rental

save up to 33% on your monthly phone bill with our great value home line rental deals – just £16.99 /mo

Up to 30% cheaper than BT

With lower monthly rental costs, no connection charges and per-second billing, our average customers save over 30% on their phone bill compared to BT.

Per-second billing

You shouldn’t pay a second more than you’re on the phone – which is why we charge per second rather than rounding up to the next minute. This alone can save you nearly 50% on a 1 minute and 1 second call!

No connection charge

“Call Connection Charges” – which most other providers add – ramp up the cost of each call for no reason whatsoever. So we don’t charge them – saving you up to 15p per call (often the most expensive part of other providers call charge)

Home Line Rental

It’s the same line rental, from BT, but at better prices and with even better support and backup. Save between a few pounds a month to tens of pounds per month with lower line rental and fairer call charges – like no connection charge (sometimes up to 17p per call), per second billing and lower call charges across the board. Combine this with our great value premium broadband.

All new lines are currently available with FREE INSTALLATION, saving over £120.

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